Pie/Cheesecake Combination

Choose any Pie/Cheesecake flavor and we’ll decadently pair them together. The perfect combination of a rich deep dish pie and creamy smooth cheesecake.


Sliced apples, baked with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon, served on a flaky pie crust and glazed with honey butter. Cinnamon Roll crust also available.


A magnificent combination of lightly toasted pecans and a secret maple sauce baked to perfection, atop a lightly buttered crust.


Smoothly blended pumpkin in a creamy bourbon vanilla mixture, served on a flaky pie crust and glazed with maple butter.

Sweet Potato

A wonderful blend of sweet potatoes in a dark brown sugar mixture, served atop a lightly buttered crust.

Key Lime Cloud Pie

The dessert where sweet meets tangy, hints of lime curd and chewy bits of cookie, served on a graham cracker crust.

Strawberry Icebox Pie

A delectable no-bake strawberry dessert, layered with lady fingers and Golden Oreo cookie crumbles, served on a light cookie crust.

Cookies & Cream Lasagna

A rich blend of Oreo cookies, layered with a special blend of vanilla cream cheese, served on a chocolate crust.

**Flavor fusions available for an additional fee.